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Welcome to Horror Honey  a website dedicated to Horror Movie Fans and filmmakers. Honey loves horror movies and writing about them. Let's face it, horror movies make the best drinking movies, party movies and of course dating (aka getting some) movies. So turn down the lights, stick in a gruesome flick and let's get the party started. Please take a moment to check out the website and share your thoughts on with Honey. I invite you to comment on my blog or leave a message in the Feedback section.   Don't be afraid to like my little page on Facebook!
  If you're a writer or filmmaker Honey would love to review and promote your work.
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       Honey is looking forward to a smashing bloody 2016


A letter from Honey

   Dear HH Fans,

       It goes without saying that Horror Fans are tried and true. Your support has been appreciated and genuinely heartfelt. The HH Facebook Page and Website have been dormant for a period and are recently awakening to bring tales of terror, blood and good old fashioned Indie Horror delights. 

   Honey has been resurrected and without further ado let the screams begin and the chaos give way to new frights galore. 

  Hauntingly yours,

  What are you looking forward to in 2015? 

      It's a new year and that means Horror fans are in for some tricks and treats. Whether it is a whole "new" concept or a revamping of a classic, I'm sure there will be plenty of carnage to satisfy the blood curdling cravings of the macabre. If you're a creative genius Honey would love to share your masterpiece on her website and her FB Page.

  This year will see additions to my Top Tens, More Faves and conversations with horror legends and legends in the making. Take a moment to enjoy the site, and as always your feedback is encouraged. 


  Coming Soon... 2015




The Butcher

  Honey's Halloween Movie Line-Up 2014

Every year I try to mix it up while torturing the neighborhood kiddies. This year I thought I would try that "Fusion" thing that restaurants do and really mix it up. Here is my Halloween Movie Buffet... it's all you can eat so enjoy! 

While it is still light out and the little kiddies come to the door:



When the sun goes down: 



Drinking Games:






                 HORROR HONEY EXCLUSIVE! 




     Yours truly found herself in a bit of a pickle today... as I was torturing Director, Writer, Producer and Actor Joston Theney I managed to get a little info  from him before he eventually  escaped.  Horror Honey fans and Axeman fans are in for a hell of a treat. "Axeman 2 Overkill" is in pre-production and Honey has  the inside to all the guts and glory! Yes, Axeman fans, here is where you will find all the latest Axeman news!!! This time the story will be even "darker, grittier and more badass than before." Theney promises more blood and thrills! "Axeman 2 Overkill" will feature a new Axeman, former World Champion , WWE's 'Adam Bomb' /WCW 'Wrath'  Bryan Clark!  He's not only massive but ultra intimidating and horrifically perfect! Think you got what it takes to take on the Axeman? Horror Honey is where you will find the latest on "Axeman 2 Overkill."

 "Axeman 2 Overkill" features hot stars like Angelica Bridges of Baywatch and Big Brother Winner Rachel Reilly not to mention  Farrah Abraham in her first feature film!  Axeman 2 Overkill will be on Honey's Hot List of Horror! If Axeman had you in pieces, then Axeman 2 will leave you breathless!!! Horror this intense should be illegal! 


   Grand Opening...


         Honey's Sweet Nothings
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        The Secret of Youth, The Miracle of Hemp

 Horror Honey is launching a a complete line of hemp soaps , lotions and candles that are 100% Cruelty Free!!! 




Horror Movie News 2014
   2014 Is shaping up to be a real gruesome year for Horror fans and Honey couldn't be more delighted. While the big studios are promising some gore and screams fans of Indie Horror will not be disappointed. But hey, are we ever? While films like Lawrence Nelson's "The Mangled" and Steve Merlo's "First Annual Barbeque" are grinding their victims as this is being written, Indie Fans can look forward to Joston Theney's highly anticipated slasher film "Axeman" coming to DVD this May,and Jessica Cameron starring in "Utero."
    What more could Indie fans ask for? Well Honey will tell you. For starter fans of horror Sci fi get ready for "Apocalypse Kiss" and fans of the Horror Novel will see Horror Honey's own works of literary  psychosis coming to a Kindle near you!
Awesome Films Not To Miss In 2014
Over 1000 Likes on my little Facebook page THANK YOU!   
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